Develop a Wealth Mindset

7 Golden Rules That Will Guide You In The Right Direction

by Vlastimil Cícha - Pat V.C.

September 9, 2021

Today, for the first time, I’m going to talk about seven golden rules of wealth that will guide you in the right direction of your life.

And I want to take you on a longer journey – just you and me, so stay with me.

Because it’s time to drag you deeper to understand the rules of your life.

And these seven golden rules that I recently renamed as 7 Wealth Stages have had a tremendous impact on my life.

Ultimately, they’ve become the main pillars of the Pat VC brand, which will teach you how to become a Doer.

By the end of this article you will find out in which golden rule or wealth stage you are located right now.

Why 7 Golden Rules aka 7 Wealth Stages?

My name is Pat VC, currently living in Hong Kong. 


When I was in my twenties, I had no clue what to expect from my life. 

I was constantly looking for a purpose to pursue my goals and hope that somehow or someday I will become a Doer. 

And I was asking myself many many questions such as:

  • Does any opportunity exist around you?
  • What do you expect from your life?
  • Are there any limits in your life? 
  • What will your finance look like in 5, 10, 20 years?

But instead of looking for an answer, I’ve developed seven unprecedented golden rules aka Wealth Stages that drive impulse to become a Doer. 

So let’s begin:

1. Develop a Wealth Mindset

Here is a question. 

Where does everything get started? 

How would you like to change something in your life without reprogramming your mindset first? 

I give you an example:

Would you like to travel? Then why don’t you travel? 

What holds you back?

Remember this:

“Only you can rely on yourself because you are unique and you are the captain of your cruise.”


It’s been a familiar story and it usually goes like this…

When I was in my twenties after college, my parents insisted on me finding a job. 

And you know the “conventional wisdom” is to get a good job and hopefully one day climb the company ladder.

So I did for a few months, but then…

I said no! 

Because I craved visiting and studying in countries far away from my home. 

Long Story Short

Luckily, I ended up in Sydney. Was it easy? 

You guess…

Hell no, and if you don’t know yet, I’m from the Czech Republic which is a country in the middle of Europe. And Australia is on the other part of the globe. 

So after a few months of work, I saved money and decided to reprogram my mind. 

And here is my secret that has been working for me since then.

I developed a growth mindset first by creating a vision board

Yes, that’s right, a vision board.

Because I deeply believe in this powerful tool as it has changed my mindset and life until now.

And I can’t wait to show you more about it soon in the first pillar which is called Develop a Wealth Mindset

By the way, have you experienced the power of a vision board too?

Share with me in the comment below. I’m very curious. 

2. Build Wealth With Elite-SEO Skills

Now, why do I mention elite SEO? 

Usually, I put this skill into one of the most profitable skills on the internet.

But to distinguish qualities from the rest, I have to weed out so-called “experts”, so I call it Elite-SEO Strategist


As I said, there are many so-called “SEO experts or professionals” but those are usually paid by hours. 

Think about it this way:

“If you want to escape from this hourly rat race, you must reprogram your mindset and start thinking on how to get paid by projects, commissions, or better off by results and then scale it.”

This is the part where you begin mastering SEO or any other high-demand online skills. 

Want To Know The Best Part?

Now, it doesn’t have to be SEO which by the way I’ve fallen in love many many years ago, which has enabled me to travel, worked with exceptional clients and companies, and which allows me to stay in Hong Kong at this time. 

Let me share a secret with you that has been working for me as well.

When you acquire an elite skill that is invaluable and the market is willing to pay for it:

  • Firstly: You are no longer company dependent.
  • Secondly: you are no longer location dependent.
  • Thirdly: you are no longer industry dependent. 

You can move whenever you want and work anywhere you want in case you deliver the same results all the time.

See the difference?

Elite-SEO skill is powerful because you may implement it across any industry on the Internet. 

I say it again, literally any industry.

So on my channel, I will teach you SEO skills and most importantly, how to become an Elite-SEO Strategist

And imagine this:

When you possess Elite-SEO skills, you may no longer be worried about your financial situation. 

The truth is… you become financially stable.

And when you are financially stable, it means you make more money.

When you make more money, your number in your bank account is growing.

And when your bank account is growing, the question is, how do you manage your finances?

The answer is:

3. Control Personal Finances

Let me ask you a question. 

When money is deposited into your bank account, what do you do? 

Firstly, look at the number?

Secondly, pay your rent?

Thirdly, pay your debts?

And then buy some material things?

Maybe you have to repay your installment loan? 

Well, whatever expense it is, you are doing it already wrong.

Not all of you, but many of you.

And you know that I’m talking to you right now.

So what’s the solution? 

“You have to develop a PYF habit called Pay Yourself First.”

And this is very profound…

Among all seven golden rules aka Wealth Stages, Control Personal Finances stage is very critical in order to establish a habit Pay Yourself First.

Now, let me tell you the real story that has always fascinated me.

Because it happens again and again.

When I mention to my parents, relatives, or my prior friends about my intention with my finances, it almost always turns to negative beliefs. 

In other words, the answer is usually like this “But this I have known a long time ago”. 

On the contrary, my question is “why haven’t you taught me it” and “why haven’t you done it?” 

And guess what?

Grave silence…

Is it familiar to you?

Put a comment below because this is a very very deep topic which I will be discussing with you later as well.

Because I’m very emotional about it…

Now back to what I was saying,

as soon as you can control personal finances, the fourth stage out of seven golden rules of the right direction is – what to do with excessive cash you have made with your elite skill.

Because you do not want to leave that cash in your bank account. 

4. Invest To Grow Wealth

Chances are that if you’re listening to this, you may have lost your money in your life. 

Deep down you know it’s true:

I’ve lost money by investing in the dubious systems and by listening to unqualified people whom I had trusted.

But you know what, those shiny objects around us, simply do not and will never work. 

At least, they don’t work for me…

“In my position, investment is a long term process – this is my fundamental opinion, and choosing the right vehicle that brings you to your goal destination is critical.”

And that’s why…

I learned 7 critical steps to scrutinize before investing.

Moreover, I invest in diverse types of assets that are in my circle of competence.

And again, while laying out these investment strategies, I’m convinced to acquire only assets that I do understand how they work.

But I must let you in on a secret:

Undoubtedly, without my mentor, I would have never entered these private and public opportunities.

And in the Invest to Grow Wealth stage I will share with you long-term investment strategies because I want you to understand that without proper guidance, things usually go wrong.

But the choice is yours…

So far speaking about four golden rules aka Wealth Stages which are the main pillars, next you must continually grow and never stop learning.

That means…

5. Execute 7 Powerful Book-Ideas

When I read a new book or watch a webinar, course, or visit a seminar, my goal is to acquire and execute at least 7 powerful ideas. 

And here is the thing:

The goal in this stage called Execute 7 Powerful Book-Ideas is to share with you the seven-strong major points that I’ve discovered and then mainly how to execute them.

That’s quite a challenge.

How would you like it?

Pretty exciting, isn’t it?

But I have one more alarming message for you.

“One day, you will reach a specific level of your growth, and you will be stuck.”

How is that possible?

Even when reading dozens and dozens of books, you will feel and you will have the desire to learn and move faster.

Trust me, I know what I’m talking about…

So the question is, how to move ahead to the next level?

6. Learn To Leverage Other Skills

So what do I mean by this?

You will need to learn and combine to your first elite-skill another elite-skill.

And simultaneously, learn how to leverage other people’s experience, time, money, resources, intelligence, system, etc. 

Well, I can tell you, this is a hard part and I can tell you, I’m in this stage called Learn To Leverage Other Skills where personal mentorship is inevitable to me. 

And you know what?

I’m currently undergoing mentoring, which increases my self-confidence and intensifies the development of my other elite skills to the next level.

While undergoing it in my life I want to take you within this journey as well.

“Remember: Wealth is measured by time, not by money.”

Last but not least, I want you to understand holistic wealth. 

7. Experience an Abundant Life

I believe in one saying. 

Therefore, I want you to pay very close attention to it:

“Your home is where your heart feels warm.”

Isn’t it real?

And let me share the story with you. 

A couple of years ago, I came to Asia just with my luggage.

No friends, no company relocation, no connection, not much money in the pocket.

As you may have noticed at the beginning of my video, I didn’t have to, but I craved to change something in my life. 


Because I wanted to feel what it is to escape my comfort zone and rely only on myself.

And I wanted to know how to implement my elite-SEO skills in the foreign market. So I had to adapt. 

Remember, this will happen to you.

And once it happens, you must know your “Why” and be tough for yourself.

Because there is no way back…

There is not way back once you put yourself in this direction.

Because you become a Doer.


To wrap it up, here are again all 7 Wealth Stages or golden rules that have been evolving my life-direction till now, and hopefully, yours will be as well.

  1. Develop a Wealth Mindset
  2. Build Wealth With Elite-SEO Skills
  3. Control Personal Finances
  4. Invest To Grow Wealth
  5. Execute 7 Powerful Book-Ideas
  6. Learn To Leverage Other Skills
  7. Experience an Abundant Life

So expect from me talking about topics that belong to these Wealth Stages. 

And remember: 

Not everyone can teach you the same Wealth Stages or show you the exact steps.

Because by the end of the day, it’s only you who can walk that direction. 

That’s why I invite you to become a Doer

And as a first step,

I want you to take action and subscribe to my newsletter as well as comment below in which wealth stage you are currently in. 

Thanks for reading and I will talk to you soon.

About the author

Pat VC has been intensely mentored in the cash flow business model within the larger financial service organization while leading Elite-SEO strategies.
Besides that, he’s been obsessed with creating wealth-building and well-being strategies. And he found out that in our life there are only seven stages. He calls them 7 Wealth Stages of life.
That’s the reason why he talks and writes about topics related to the seven wealth stages. They are about a mindset, elite skills potential, personal finance, investment, personal growth, scalability, and abundant life. Pat advocates the statement that elite skills are the entryway into financial abundance through well organized wealth-building strategies.

Pat VC

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