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Stop Making Excuses And Start Acting For The Sake Of Rich Life

Twenty-four hours endlessly, you must learn and examine how to stop making excuses.

Frankly, I’ve become drained of hearing it everywhere. 

So what about you? 

Either way,

This video or article will help you get rid of your excuses and become a true example for yourself to pursue your dreams, just like I did.

To begin with…

Today’s prosperity strategy belongs to the wealth stage called Experience an Abundant Life

In order to put you in the right direction, I’ve been obsessed with creating wealth-building and well-being strategies. 

During my traveling and personal growth, I discovered that in our life there are only seven stages.

And I call them the 7 Wealth Stages of life.

Pat VC - 7 Wealth Stages

My purpose within the Experience an Abundant Life stage is to educate you on recognition strategies that shape your personality and inspire you to become a better person – a Doer

In fact, the topics within this stage are profound.

You may be wondering why?

Because they will set you up toward abundant life.

In other words, they let you understand what holistic wealth is truly about. 

Ultimately, the direction of the Pat’s VC brand is to show you the transition from being a Dreamer to becoming a Doer

And do you want to know why?

“The strong motivational reason is, I want you to have full responsibility over your life. There is nothing more fascinating than to have complete control of what you want to do or where you want to go.”

Wouldn’t it be great if you have the same?

Introduction To Stop Making Excuses


In one of my previous video “What Is Your Why”, I explained five important prosperities of knowing your “Why”.

If you prefer watching – do it now. Because slow decision is the mastery of procrastination.

And three out of five prosperities talk about pursuing dreams and goals. 

Simply said, they help you realize that you have to stop making excuses and commit to your goals because of your purpose. 

So in this article, I want to talk about an abundant strategy on how to stop making excuses and start acting for the sake of your rich life.

The Genuine Truth About Making Excuses

As I said in the beginning, I’ve become drained of hearing excuses practically everywhere. 

It’s at work, on the street, in a restaurant, at a family circle – you should know well what I’m talking about, shouldn’t you?

Frankly, it’s toxic to listen to it.

The truth is…

“I observe around me that for the majority of people, a successful career is just a matter of luck.”

And most people think that those “special” successful individuals who succeed are either weirdos or geniuses. 

It’s a conventional limiting belief once you think about it.

Do you want to know why?

Because their excuse is that…

  • Affluent people are not normal since their successes have fallen into their lives randomly.
  • Another common excuse is that “successful” people were born with a silver spoon in their mouth and with a pile of money.
  • And the biggest excuse is that wealthy people have plenty of free time. 

Heck, have you heard these conventional beliefs? 

Stop Making Excuses - Conventional beliefs

Does it sound familiar to you?

Or even worse, are you saying it in your life?

Let’s be honest here.

Are those above-mentioned excuses YOUR excuses that are stopping you to chase your dreams and goals?

Certainly, you may have had tons of other excuses and your own money myths

Maybe, you first prefer to solve other people’s problems instead of yours…

Or you don’t want to hinder or interfere with your goals with your family. 

Either way, I challenge you.

Put in a comment below a word YES as I can be sure it touches and bites your inner consciousness right now. 

Pat VC - Put in a comment below a word YES

Because you know what? 

You have to stop making excuses, study the rules of wealth and do whatever it takes to achieve your goals

Making Excuses Are Rooted Within You

Now, let me remind you of something that could happen in your childhood. 

Imagine, you came to your parents when you were young and said. Mom or dad, I want to be a gardener, or I want to be an entrepreneur.

Pat VC - It does not matter what your question was because - get this

It doesn’t matter what your question was because – get this.

What was your parent’s reaction?

Let me guess.

They said something like: 

“Yeah, you can definitely do it in your spare time. Or maybe as your interest or like a hobby because it’s not a proper job.”

Did it happen to you?

Wasn’t it a stupid and poor answer? 

Actually, it’s very depressing. 

Do you want to know the worst part?

They immediately tore your dreams out of your brain. Literally, they killed your dreams. 

It’s really very sad.

And I talk about it in the article How To Become a Doer In 9 Steps And Start Getting Ahead

Or if you prefer watching a video, dive into it…

Now, listen to this very carefully:

Let’s imagine for a moment to hear from them, something like this. 

“Yeah, that’s such an excellent idea. I support you and give you all my resources to pursue what you want. And yes, I do understand that you might change your mind because you just grow. But I will be here for you to find the best version of who you want to be. Because I want you to walk in the same direction as I did, as I burned all my bridges to pursue my goals. Go for it.”

Isn’t it different? 

How does that resonate with your ears?

And it leads to the next fact…

How To Stop Making Excuses And Take Responsibility

If you have children, then you have to tell them the same.

And the same applies to your spouse, closest family members, or honest business partners to support their dreams. 

“Needless to say… everyone has a dream. Unfortunately, those dreams are killed every day by your excuses.”

Would you agree?

Moreover, by the end of the day, your life is full of excuses that whisper into your ears why you can’t pursue your dreams

Let me ask you a question:

Do you want to continually listen to the negative voice that lets you stay in your comfort zone? 

The answer?

Of course not.

Instead, when you catch yourself in a situation of making excuses, go in front of a mirror and say.  

Pat VC - I am going to win - I am going to find the way of what I want there are no excuses
“I’m going to win. I’m going to find the way of what I want, there are no excuses.

This way you start building your positive enabling beliefs

And I talk about Enabling and Limiting beliefs in my video called 3 Must-Have Rules That Will Set You Toward Abundant Life.

So you can jump straightaway into it. 

In fact, it will open your millionaire mind to realize that everything you want, why you want, is first all about to recondition your mind. 

I challenge you right now, here and today, stop making excuses. 

I challenge you right now - stop making excuses

Instead, create an environment to surround yourself with people who motivate you to succeed and who are on the same mission. 

As a result, it will ignite within you a momentum to get motivated to work.

Eventually, isn’t this right a thoughtful strategy to live an abundant life

That strategy allows you to stop making excuses and start acting for the sake of your rich life. 

Would you agree?

I let you ponder on it…

Because another enlightenment is understanding…

How To Overcome Making Excuses

In fact, if you should get just one thing from this article, remember this. 

“The right strategy to stop making excuses is to start reconditioning your mind and knowing your “Why“. Because you want to be a true example of yourself. You want to become a Doer and walk through the 7 wealth stages of life toward prosperity. And you want to create things and inspire other people.”

Listen, I want you to take an actionable step now to write on a piece of paper the above-mentioned statement.

Read it every day. Just say it. No more excuses anymore in your life. Just wins. 

Pat VC - No more excuses anymore in your life - Just wins

Pin it in front of you, better off on your vision board, and look at it daily. 

Let the power of visualization work on it and you will observe in a few weeks that your subconscious mind adapts your belief and starts pursuing your dream. 

And as I mentioned in the article Think and Grow Rich – 7 Book Ideas That Reach To Wealth

“Your subconscious mind recognizes and acts upon your thoughts.”

Do you agree?

So what’s next?

Time To Take Massive Action

You see, 

it isn’t complicated to learn how to stop making excuses.


  • And implement simple strategies to live an abundant life.

Ultimately, it will show you the path to understand the relations of holistic wealth.

I assure you as soon as you realize all seven wealth stages you will start acting for the sake of your rich life.

Because there is no better feeling when you apply thoughtful wealth-building and well-being strategies. 

Now, I encourage you, stop making excuses, and start implementing strategies throughout the 7 Wealth Stages that you can find on our channel or here. 

So again, NO excuses, just achievement! 

Pat VC - No excuses - just achievement

Say it aloud right here and put in the comment below “NO excuses.” 

And as a reminder, if you watch our videos, doerly pat the Like button to give our channel more exposure and love from the YouTube algorithm. 


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After that you will receive every week a prosperity strategy within the 7 Wealth stages of life.

Because I invite you and I want you to become a Doer.

Thanks for reading or watching and I will see you next week. 

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