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The Compound Effect Of SEO Marketing Growth Strategy

Nothing beats ROI more than a thoughtfully planned SEO content marketing growth strategy with the power of compound effect. 

Compared to the world of institutional and advanced investors, these professionals understand and always leverage the power of compound growth.

But in digital marketing, it is nothing to sneeze at.

And here is the truth.

When you implement and execute the right compound marketing growth strategy, you will also reap the benefits significantly.

Would you agree?

For that reason, today’s topic belongs to the wealth stage called Build Wealth With Elite-SEO skills

In short, within this stage, I want you to have full responsibility over your life by developing elite skills first.

This skill will give you the confidence to earn more and position higher yourself in the marketplace. 

To clarify the fact, SEO skill has allowed me to travel the world.

But it took me a few years to realize its scalability and tremendous potential. 

Therefore, I call it Elite-SEO skills.  

Introduction To The Compound Effect Of SEO Strategy

My current up-to-date elite SEO role is to implement high-level strategies for businesses (niches) operating at highly (un)regulated markets in various countries and continents.

Most important is, I’ve been working with SEO for over a decade.

And during my SEO career, I’ve observed something that can’t be overlooked.

Pat VC - During my SEO career I have observed something that ca not be overlooked

And as a result, I made a video and wrote this article.

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With this in mind, let’s talk about the compound effect of SEO marketing growth strategy to accelerate your growth.

Why Is SEO The Most Efficient Long-Term Marketing Strategy Along With The Compound Effect?


I don’t know about you, but I’m a long-term investor

And I diversify my portfolio across several investment asset classes with the power of compound effect. 

But those investments are only possible when you primarily focus on earning first. 

That being said, the best part is to develop either your own business or embrace journey as an intrapreneur on top of the elite skills that you have gained. 

And get this:

While investing in yourself, you also reap the benefits of compound effects.

Would you agree?

You just need to be persistent and understand the subject. 

Now, speaking of the compound effect of SEO strategy, here is the best part.

Speaking of the compound effect of SEO strategy here is the best part
When you use elite SEO skills along with the compound effect to develop a brand, it is the most profitable long-term digital marketing channel.

Don’t you believe it?

Let’s find out…

SEO Content Marketing Growth Strategy Delivers The Best ROI In The Long Run

You may or may not believe it…

In fact, SEO content marketing is a comprehensive acquisition and distribution channel with the highest ROI in the long run. 

And if you want to understand and dive deeper, read the following article or watch a video. 

To underline my fact, 

a former Google product manager Tomasz Tunguz and now a partner at Redpoint Ventures focusing on software investments stated:

"Content marketing is a little bit like a bank account where you get the benefits of compounding returns." 

And when you think about it, 

for example, real estate SEO content marketing is the same as an investment asset class.

You may be wondering why?

Because when you are a new brand and write strategic articles, your traffic will increase every week. And as your traffic increases over time, so does your profit.

Do you agree?

It’s that simple, yet often overlooked.

Take the case of gaining your:

  • reputation,
  • trust,
  • and authority within your industry. 
Pat VC - Take the case of gaining your reputation trust and authority within your industry
Because with SEO content marketing, you position yourself into the place where people will look for you and not that you have to look for them.

Would you agree?

Of course, it depends on your strategic process.

But all the time, while curating content plans, it’s important to keep in mind the compound effect of SEO strategy. 

What Does The Strategic SEO Process Look Like?

Listen, just a simple content plan isn’t enough.

And I’ve seen many lagging content plans. 

So how to dominate?

To illustrate, there must be a strategic system which prove a fact that content is king.

And I split this system into five pillars.

1. Market Research
2. Content Planning
3. Content Creation
4. Content Distribution
5. Content Repurposing & Maintenance
Follow these five strategic pillars and you can count on the compound effect
“And only by following the five strategic pillars, you can count on the compound effect of SEO marketing strategy.”

As a matter of fact, the big problem of today’s newly established brands is the lack of SEO content writing.

But let me tell you how to fix it…

Understand The Different Types Of Content Marketing Roles

One of the most important parts is to understand what you are looking for while developing your brand.

Don’t make me wrong, but in the beginning, you have very limited resources, capital, and team.

Would you agree?

That’s why I want you to honestly and carefully answer this question.

  • Are you looking for SEO Content Writing or Copywriting

Can’t you answer? 

Let me explain… 

“With SEO Content Writing, the primary goal is to generate organic search traffic via search engines.”

On the other hand,

“With Copywriting, the primary goal is to convert traffic into leads and sales.”

As you can see, these two roles are unique and at the same time distinct. 

But speaking of the compound effect of SEO strategy, you need to master first SEO Content Writing.

I know what you are thinking. 

But how?

Remember this.

“While building your brand, you have to be organized and focus on long-term success, which is SEO Content Writing with powerful compound effects.”

On the negative side,

You may not see any results after one week or after one month.

Heck, you may not even see traffic for half a year.

On the positive side, if done precisely and with patience, then you may expect exponential growth. 

Look at this customer acquisition chart.

Customer acquisition over time SEO vs PPC ROI

Do you see the potential of the compound effect of SEO strategy?

And if this doesn’t convince you, let’s compare it with compound interest on your investments

The Compound Effect Of SEO Strategy Has The Same Power As Compound Interest On Your Investments

To illustrate,

look at this chart of compound interest with an initial balance or principal of $10,000 and no monthly contribution at all.

Balance breakdown no monthly contribution

The result is pretty good, with an 8% annualized average return spanned across 30 years. 

Compound interest no monthly contribution

But on the other hand, look at the same scenario with a regular $100 deposit every month. 

Balance breakdown with monthly contribution

Do you see a big difference? 

That’s the power of compounding effect on your investments while contributing or depositing every month.

In other words, you earn interest on your interest, and over time it accumulates and accelerates like a snowball. 

And I want you to throw away your disbelief and recondition your mind to the following fact.

“The compound effect of SEO marketing growth strategy is comparable to the power of compounding interest on your investments.”

So the question is, what should you do?

Keep Executing SEO Content Marketing Growth Strategy

I don’t know why people are always looking for shortcuts in terms of how to:

Because the solution is very simple. 

It lies in the compound effect with a well-defined SEO content marketing strategy. 

Nothing more, nothing else…  

So once you’ve created an evergreen or a piece of valuable content, it may stay within search engines practically for a very long time. 

And when you maintain and update it all the time, that’s the power of the compound effect of SEO strategy.

Now, a few points need to be mentioned.

When building a brand, the question is always…

  • How can you grow faster?

The answer to this question doesn’t need to be complicated. 

You need to treat SEO like the number one marketing acquisition and distribution strategy. 

Because over time, the compounding returns on your content marketing, can help your business grow faster in the long-term. 

And the compound effect applies to SEO marketing strategy for articles or even video creation.

Practically anything that has the potential to increase its return over time. 

And if you should remember just one thing from this video, get this:

A consistent SEO content marketing strategy is key to growing your brand's reputation
“A consistent SEO content marketing strategy is key to growing your brand’s reputation. And when multiplied by the compound effect, nothing else beats a better return on your long-term investment. With SEO, you have to be patient.”

Time To Leverage Massive Action With The Compound Effect And SEO Marketing Growth Strategy

To rephrase it,

begin treating SEO in digital marketing as the most valuable long-term investment in order to accelerate your growth. 

So now tell me, 

  • Are you going to make a long-term investment in your website and increase your return?

Because the sooner you start, the better your positioning will be.

And therefore you have to take massive action now.

Leave us a comment below because mastering digital elite skills such as SEO is a crucial stage in your life. 

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The reason?

My mission is to help you overcome scarcity and recondition to prosperity within the seven wealth stages of life.

Because I want you to become a Doer.

Thanks for watching or reading and I will see you next week.

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