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Inside The Mind Of An Elite-SEO Strategist

Do you want to peek inside the mind of an Elite-SEO Strategist?

Today, I’m going to explain the lack of SEO Strategists’ skills in digital marketing.

And I want to talk about why the market needs strategic leaders who know how to outline a top-level SEO strategy for diverse industries. 

Moreover, I emphasize the difference between Strategy vs Tactic.


You may have heard these titles.

SEO manager, SEO executive, SEO marketing guru, SEO marketer, SEO experts, SEO specialist, SEO professionals… 

Nothing wrong about these titles and people who use them probably excel in what they do.

But I’ve been in the SEO business for over a decade, exactly since 2008, and I’ve noticed a lack of SEO Strategists. 

The problem is, the market is missing people with high-quality SEO strategy skills, not the tactics.  

But before we dive into it, I need to emphasize the difference between Strategy vs Tactics.

First, let me explain to you what tactics are. 

“Tactics are the exact actionable steps you must take to hit the goals such as KPIs.

And this indeed is the reason where the misconception is ingrained. 

The First SEO Discovery

I remember when I first heard about SEO.

It was in 2005 but it took me yet three years to realize this skill’s potential.

I was working at a wholesale company that was selling hardware and computer components. 

But I was sure this wholesale business would not be booming all the time because of lower and lower margins and many competitors. 

My idea was to jump into the software industry business. 

One day, when I was working at the office, I noticed that in the footer was a logo of some company that developed this e-shop.

I clicked on it and this random click dragged my curiosity to an e-commerce software development company. 

I was so hungry to explore it deeper. After browsing a while, I found they were hiring for sales and marketing positions. 

So I applied to work in the sales/marketing department to learn and acquire skills in e-commerce marketing strategy.

And I got the opportunity to join the team. 

SEO Aha Moment

I’ve never forgotten the first day when I sat with my new colleague knowledgeable in SEO.

I remember her first few sentences. 

She said: 

There are two major optimizations in SEO. On-Page and Off-Page optimization. On-page optimization is the tactic that you can influence immediately on your site. Off-page optimization is an external tactic that takes more effort and time to build. 

It stunned me; Literally, it was like hitting me with a vast stone to my forehead.

And it was my Aha moment because I knew that this is something I want to discover much deeper.

Since then, I was visiting clients and presenting for them our three e-commerce software product licenses together with digital marketing services. 

But the problem was, during my presentation, I was justifying only features and benefits. 

Simply said, my approach was wrong and purely focused on tactics and not a strategy. 

And because I fell in love with SEO, over time I fell in love with strategy as well. 

The Difference Between Tactics And Strategy

Now, do you remember what I said about tactics at the beginning? 

Tactics are the exact actionable steps you must take to hit the goals such as KPIs.

So what is strategy? 

“The strategy overarches goals such as KPI’s and plans to achieve them.”

So looking back to my approach, today, instead of talking about tactics, I’d rather ask clients first: 

  • What are their business goals;
  • About their ideal clients;
  • How their plan to grow their business,
  • Their advantages in the market among all their competitors.

You see,

I’m not asking them how many articles, keywords, social media posts, or videos they would like to produce.

Sure it is important but these are KPIs with tactics, but not a top-level strategy. 

That’s why I’ve made a serious commitment to become an Elite-SEO Strategist and combine Elite-SEO skills with a high-level strategy.

Now, you may wonder, what do I mean by Elite-SEO Strategist?

Let me explain to you. 

Who Is Elite-SEO Strategist?

Firstly, Elite-SEO Strategist paints a picture in the mind of his or her clients first while asking the right questions to come up with a strategic process. 

Secondly, Elite-SEO Strategist is an authority in delivering results in regulated or highly complex niches versus just time spent in technical SEO tasks. 

Do you see that power? 

Because it’s not about pushing or selling tactics such as a number of articles, what type of headlines, keyword difficulty, competitors analysis, the industry benchmark. 


The major goal is to first understand the client’s niche with the overall business cycle. 

And then come up with a strategy that specifies a logical streamlined process. 

And that process is about focusing on a broad high-level strategy for SEO implementation, not tactics.

Do you already have a picture in your mind of why do we need SEO strategists? 

I call them Elite-SEO Strategists because the market is calling for this skill.

Overall, you don’t have to be an “expert” or “professional” in data analysis, UX web design, coding, customer search journey funnel, technical and on-page SEO, backlinks, and in everything. 

No. You just have to master as an Elite-SEO Strategist asking the right questions to come up with a strategic process. 

In my SEO career, I’ve been helping, especially with tactics.

But recently my mindset and intention have been shifting only toward SEO business strategy.

Because Elite-SEO Strategist is an authority in delivering results in regulated or highly complex niches.

Are You Ready To Become an Elite-SEO Strategist?

But first let me ask you a question.

Are you a technician person?

Or do you rather prefer to lay out Elite-SEO strategies and then execute them with your team?

Leave us a comment below to understand your perception of this subject.

Because I want you to build digital assets that bring wealth.

Last but not least,

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I look forward to talking to you in the next blog post.

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