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19 SEO Acronyms That You Need To Master In Your Business

Today, you are going to discover SEO acronyms that you need to master while building your online presence and reputation.

Another key point to notice is that today’s video relates to a pillar called Build Wealth With Elite-SEO Skills.

With this in mind, let me tell you something.

When I first started with digital marketing, I discovered dozens of SEO acronyms, but I was puzzled. 

Because at that time, I had no idea what they meant.

And I learned there are hundreds of abbreviations or acronyms that cannot be remembered…

Introduction To SEO Acronyms

Imagine for a moment that someone would tell you the most relevant SEO acronyms and metrics that are important to the overall SEO marketing business cycle.

Sounds impressive? 

That’s why I created this video. 

But now, just a word of attention.

These acronyms are not related explicitly to technical SEO.

Because my role of Elite-SEO Strategist is to focus on the long-term SEO business strategy with overarching tactics.

That means,

The primary goal must be to involve your team in order to increase conversions and sales.

19 SEO Acronyms To Accelerate Your Growth

Even if you don’t own any business but work for your clients or employer, this video and article is for a business-focused SEO strategist – for you.

Let’s dive in.

1. AIDA and 2. CJ

To begin with, AIDA means – Attention Interest Desire Action.

And CJ stands for Customer Journey.

So why do you need to understand these two acronyms first?

Unquestionably, these are steps where your customer or client goes through the purchase search journey funnel. 

SEO Acronyms AIDA Attention Interest Desire Action

The main approach to implementing the AIDA strategy for you is this: 

In the first place is Attention – Attract prospect.
In the second place is Interest – Persuade or influence the prospect to interact with your brand.
The third place is Desire – Prospect loves your brand.
The last is Action – Prospect adheres to your brand, take action, and convert to become your customer.
AIDA Attention Interest Desire Action Purchase Funnel

But here is the big lesson.

Each AIDA strategy varies or depends on your type of business and industry.

Another of the most useful SEO acronyms is CJ which stands for Customer Journey.

SEO Acronyms CJ Customer Journey

Generally, there are five main stages:

Decision or Conversion
Retention or Loyalty
Customer Journey Awareness Consideration Decision Retention Advocacy

By comparison, it is similar to the AIDA strategy, which we might discuss in a future video.

But for now, you can remember that Customer Journey is also known as:

  • Purchasing Process,
  • Marketing Funnel,
  • or Purchase Funnel.

Now moving to the third out of 19 SEO acronyms…

3. SES

To clarify, SES means Search Engine Strategy.

SEO Acronyms SES Search Engine Strategy

Picture this:

In order to create a successful AIDA or Customer Journey strategy, you must first program your mind to the truth that:

93 percent of all online experiences start with a search engine.

Think about it a while. 93% is a huge number. 

After all, the question is, what are you going to do with this information?

The answer is SES, which you already know stands for Search Engine Strategy.

Needless to say, this is a topic I can talk about a whole day.

But to implement a successful Search Engine Strategy, you have to break it down into several streamlined processes or pillars.

Because no matter what others say, content is king and will always be.

Here are five pillars that I use:

Market Research
Content Planning
Content Creation
Content Distribution
Content Repurposing & Maintenance

And these processes must be broken even more down into actionable steps and tactics. 


4. B2B, 5. B2C, 6. SMB and 7. SMEs

When you circle back to the Search Engine Strategy and its first process called Market Research, you must know your market and who you target.

In other words, who is your audience?

B2B Business-to-Business

B2B means Business-to-Business

In fact, in B2B SEO, the purchasing cycle is longer. 


Because services and products are more expensive and you usually target professionals. The audience is a typical high executive or CEO who makes the final decision. 

On the other hand, B2C means Business-to-Consumer.

B2C Business-to-Consumer

With this in mind, in B2C SEO, the purchasing cycle should be shorter.

But it depends on the industry and product or services you sell. Usually, your audience is an end-user and you sell inexpensive stuff. 

Finally, two more SEO acronyms of your target audience could be:

SMB that means Small-to-Medium Businesses.

SMEs that means Small-to-Medium-Sized Enterprises.

Many sources say that these are businesses that include a certain number of employees or revenue. 

However, in SEO, it could be:

  • Size of the site,
  • Number of pages,
  • Revenue.

Or even more about the authority of a well-established brand. 

In this case, tell me, who is your audience?

Leave a comment below to clarify your market.

8. USP

In short, USP means Unique Selling Proposition.

USP Unique Selling Proposition


Without knowing your USP, you don’t know what you are selling. 

And mainly, how to position your products or service on the market. 

In this case, do not make mistakes in pushing your features and benefits. 

Instead, find out the core pain and problem of your ideal customer and then sell them emotions. 

“Because each customer is a real person who has real problems with real emotions.

And it leads me to another SEO acronym…

9. UX

To explain, UX means User Experience.

SEO Acronyms UX User Experience

The fact is, you want to build a long-term brand. 

“You want users to feel exceptionally satisfied by interacting with your brand, services, and overall with your online presence.”


Because these users might turn into potential customers.

After all, isn’t that what you’re looking for?


“UX is one of the most important SEO acronyms and metrics to keep watching.”

10. CAC

To repeat, you’ve walked to this point and you had to figure out where to find those prospects and turn them into customers. 

Therefore, you must master CAC which means Customer Acquisition Cost.

SEO Acronyms CAC Customer Acquisition Cost

Remember this:

“The key to SEO business success is to know or figure out how to acquire customers. The key is to understand in-depth about your ideal prospect.”

In other words, you have to get to know those humans you’re targeting. 

11. MQL and 12. SQL

In my opinion, these two SEO acronyms and metrics are often overlooked. 

MQL means Marketing Qualified Lead.

SEO Acronyms MQL Marketing Qualified Lead

To explain, this is the first step for Marketing Qualified Leads to become close to your customers.


“Marketing Qualified Leads interact with your brand, maybe sign up for your newsletter, download ebook, or some research report.”

But so far they don’t make any purchase decision.

So your job is to feed them with let’s say specific real estate SEO content marketing, build trust, and later on, they are moving closer to become SQL.

What is SQL?

SQL means Sales Qualified Lead.

SEO Acronyms SQL Sales Qualified Lead

In fact, it happens when the sales team is already taking action in this step.

“That said, the sales team assumes that Marketing Qualified Lead is considered as Sales Qualified Lead to purchase your product or service.”

Are you still confused?

Put it simply, SQL is ready to buy 🙂.

13. C and 14. CR

SEO Acronyms C Conversion and CR Conversion Rate

Whenever a user browses your website or page and takes the action, it is called Conversion.

Here are a few conversion examples: 

Downloading your ebook
Watching a specific time of your video
Sign up for your course
Adding your product to a shopping cart
Sharing a blog post on social media

And then is SEO acronym CR aka Conversion Rate which is shown in a percentage. 

CR Conversion Rate

To illustrate,

let’s say, your organic search traffic is 100 visits and you get 7 conversions. That means your Conversion Rate is 7%.

Pretty simple, isn’t it?

Remember this:

“What is not measured it’s not improved.”

15. CX

The following acronym CX means Customer Experience.

CX Customer Experience

This time, you may say it’s similar to UX acronym which is User Experience. 

But not really. 


“UX is how users interact or feel for the first time with your brand, services, and overall with your online presence. But CX Customer Experience is after they purchase.”

After all, it’s about how they feel with your product or service.

Moreover, how they feel about the guarantee you offer.

Are they protected?

Do they get the value that you market to them? 

Customer support satisfaction

In other words,

“CX or Customer Experience is about the true value you deliver to customers after you sell them.

And CX Customer Experience is also correlated to your customer support services which leads me to another SEO acronym…

16. NPS

In short, NPS means Net Promoter Score.

NPS Net Promoter Score
“NPS is excellent when you want to ask or interact with your already loyal customers.


Because you want to know how they are satisfied and whether they would recommend your product or service. 

To ask them, you can use a scale from one to ten. Just as simple as that. 

And then you see the score such as:

  • Detractors,
  • Passives,
  • and Promoters.

So far so good?

But stay with me…

17. AOV

To point out,

until now, you’ve developed your loyal fans and turning them into satisfied customers. 

So what next?

You must know their value.

SEO Acronyms AOV Average Order Value

As a result, meet the acronym AOV that means Average Order Value.

“AOV acronym is simple to understand, however, it can vary within industries and nature of your business.

To give you a real example here is how you get it.

Let’s say, you generate $1,000 of revenue over the previous month.

Now, you know there were 100 orders. You take that $1,000 and divide it by 100. So your Average Order Value is $10.

Simple, isn’t’ it? 

18. CLV

An acronym CLV means Customer Lifetime Value.

SEO Acronyms CLV Customer Lifetime Value

In the long run, CLV is one of the most important SEO acronyms and key metrics.


“Because Customer Lifetime Value helps you to understand the average cost of how much your customers spend in your company over the whole life of your relationship.

Are you with me?

Here is how:

Let’s say, you’ve purchased 10 different self-improvement courses worth $50 from the same influencer for the last 2 years. Then your CLV has been worth $1,000 (10x50x2).

Easy, isn’t it?

And what else?


until now, you’ve poured budget into content marketing, maybe invested in some adds, or optimized your website. 

That means, you want to know what’s your return on your money

19. ROI

Finally, ROI means Return on Investment and is shown in a percentage. 

SEO Acronyms ROI Return on Investment

There are many ways to measure ROI in SEO.

And with SEO it usually gets more complicated.  

“But a simpler way on how to measure ROI in SEO is to divide the revenue you earned via organic search by the price of the entire investment.

After all, you always must know your ROI.

Would you like to grow your revenue?

The solution is to implement the compound effect with SEO marketing growth strategy.

And because you are with me to the end, here is the a bonus acronym.

Bonus SEO Acronym – VA

Ultimately, VA means Virtual Assistant.

SEO Acronyms VA Virtual Assistant

As you may have known,

I talk about leverage in one of my videos called Multiply Your Time And Income With The Power Of Leverage Strategies.

But wait,

what does VA have common with the SEO marketing business cycle?

The fact is,

once you start growing in your freelance work, online business or even working in a company, you need to use tactics including the team.


Because you are too busy with overall strategies, you can’t manage technical SEO, content writing, and so on. 

So the best efficient way is to hire a Virtual Assistant. 

Time To Take Massive Action With All 19 SEO Acronyms

To emphasize, I’m proud of you that you’ve stayed with me to the end.

It says to me, you are a true fan and you want to become a Doer.

Now tell me,

which SEO acronyms have you already known and measured?

Or if you just get started, which SEO acronyms are you going to discover in SEO for startups

Put in a comment below the word ACRONYM to prove you are a true Doer. 

Click HERE to subscribe to our growing Doer’s community newsletter.

And I will see you in the next video or here.

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