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Invest Your Time And Grow Wealth In 5 Vital Areas

Despite the conventional belief that wealth is all about money, I want to refute it with 5 vital areas where you should focus on and invest your time in growing your wealth.

But before we get started, can I ask you something?

What does wealth mean to you? 

In my experience,

When people ask me, “how was your weekend or how are you?”, most of them can’t believe in my daily self-discipline and that I spend a lot of time on building online businesses, improving personal finances, and expanding investments.

In fact, many of them think that I’m literally obsessed only with money. 

But they are wrong.

And you know why?

Because their limiting belief is that wealth is all about money. 

And unfortunately, this is what we were naturally taught when we hear the term “wealth”.

But here is the thing:

“Wealth to me is a set of things.”

It can be a wealth of energy, opportunities, knowledge, a wealth of followers on social media, subscribers, a wealth of mentors, supporters, or a wealth of love and happiness. 

You see, it is not only about money. 

But most importantly, wealth of these things appears through several areas of your life which ultimately creates holistic wealth.

With this purpose in mind, let’s talk about the 5 most vital areas where you should invest your time in building holistic wealth.

1. Invest Your Time In Physical Wealth

Invest your time in physical wealth

As physical wealth in the economy and household, you can hear that it consists of furniture, automobile, property, and all material tangible goods.


“The meaning of physical wealth within holistic wealth is your health and well-being.”

And it’s necessary to talk about it first because it overarches all other areas.

Listen, you can’t be productive, goal-driven and successful if you lack physical vitality.

Because when you neglect to feed your body and brain with high-quality fuel, it will cause health issues such as mental fatigue, trouble sleeping, daily stress, and even worse illnesses. 

So what can you do to thrive your physical wealth?

Let me give you my recommendation.

During my experience, I found a strong correlation within these elements.

  • First, wake up before or with the sun;
  • Second, drink a glass of water immediately after waking up;
  • Then meditation and exercise before breakfast;
  • Breakfast together with dark chocolate and fruit;
  • Eat lunch when everyone else eats breakfast;
  • Keep 3-4 meals per day;
  • Practice mindfulness during the day;
  • Read 3 books a day at 20-minute intervals;
  • And do not touch any electronic devices at least one hour before sleep.

As you can see, I’ve built my physical wealth-building phase over many years.

So yours may be different, but always keep in mind that without physical wealth, you can’t prosper in another area.

Because physical wealth is significantly correlated with the following area where you must invest your time…

2. Invest Your Time In Mental Wealth

Invest your time in mental wealth

My point is this:

“Mental wealth is identical to highly performing skills.”

You may even find that mental skills or also psychological skills are tools for your mind.

I call it Elite-Income Skills, which are high-performing skills that bring mental wealth.

Besides, mental wealth enables you to motivate yourself to live a better life. And it all depends on your mental type of personality. 

But let me warn you about something.

When the body and mind aren’t synchronized, it causes mental illness. And if you do not maintain your mental wealth with caution, you might end up with mental problems.

And the most common problem is mental fatigue.

I’m sure you’re nodding your head now as you know what I’m talking about. 

Because if you require your brain to do too much, such as multitasking, your brain might sooner or later tax you. 

So, in order to thrive in your mental wealth, invest your time to do all things that I described in the physical wealth area plus try the following elements. 

Pat VC - Plan ahead - Script your calendar - Take breaks
  • First, plan ahead to avoid pitfalls and stressful situations;
  • Second, script your calendar and book time for your urgent tasks;
  • Then create a day around your energy level. It means you might be productive from 9 to 11. Or 2 to 4. So move urgent tasks or meetings within this time slot. 
  • Next, take breaks and rest during the day. For example, I rest around 4pm.
  • Lastly, one biggest secret gem that I want to recommend is learning how to say No. I talk about it in the video 3 Personal Weaknesses That Could Hinder Your Wealth Mindset.

Once you align with mental wealth, another area where you need to invest your time is…

3. Emotional Wealth

Invest your time in emotional wealth

Let me ask you a few questions.

What is your why?

Any purpose in your life?

Do you want to prosper and achieve social status?

Or simply, what are the moments when you feel happiness?

If you are obvious with the answers, it means you should be in good shape with emotional wealth. 

And when you know what you want in your life, you are emotionally healthy, because your emotions are within your control. 

In fact, each person is unique because each of us has different…

  • needs,
  • dreams,
  • goals,
  • and targets.

But that’s absolutely ok.

For that reason, I speak about topics on how to Develop a Wealth Mindset in the first stage within the 7 Wealth Stages framework. 

And it is simple.

“You have to invest your time to find someone who emotionally resonates with you and will help you build your wealth mindset.”

In addition, it can be by reading self-improvement, how-to-succeed books or biographies of wealthy people. 

Remember what Napoleon Hill said. 

“Whatever Your Mind Can Conceive and Believe, It Can Achieve.”

Because when you are emotionally healthy, you fulfill your basic needs. 

And then you feed your mind with enabling beliefs to achieve prosperity which leads me to another vital area where you need to invest your time…

4. Financial Wealth

Invest your time in financial wealth

Almost everyone was taught that wealth equals money, wealth equals your net worth, and so on. 

Listen, I created the Pat VC personal development to help you identify the starting point toward prosperity and holistic wealth.

At the beginning, I was convinced that to achieve this status it is enough to talk and write only about passion for success, finances, investments, and money. 

And while I’ve been studying successful CEOs, ultra rich people, and having mentors, I realized that this was not the only direction toward holistic wealth. 

Certainly, financial wealth is a crucial area to achieve early retirement and live an abundant life

But to experience an abundant life, this is not an insurmountable obstacle, quite the opposite.


“You can’t simply shrug off your responsibility to your money management, investments, and the overall area of financial wealth.”

Because financial wealth is about:

That’s the right financial well-being mindset and is your responsibility to withstand all challenges along the way. 

And if you do, you won’t be worried about money anymore, you will have financial wealth with multiple flows of income. 

And this way you buy your time.

Because the value of time is one of the rarest things you have.

Would you agree?

Most importantly, success must be your duty to take care of your family, which leads me to the fifth and today’s last area of wealth to invest your time…

5. Familial Wealth

Invest your time in familial wealth

Here’s what I mean.

Familial wealth is all about…

Now I want you to flashback your childhood, to resurrect your family’s warming environment.

I perceive that some of you might not have experienced it.

But I want to give you this example as a starting point for what familial wealth actually means. 

Remember that family is like a tree. 

Once you’ve grown, you follow your own path, which represents one branch. However, the roots remain unconditionally the same.

Simply said, familial bonds are very strong. 

For example, I grew up in a middle-class family, and my parents never taught me about money, investment, intrapreneurship or entrepreneurship. 

But they’ve given me a lot of love and happiness that are unforgettable moments until today. 

They taught me what it is to love and support someone unconditionally within the inner family circle. 

For that reason, if you have or haven’t yet had a loving family, ingrain this area within your subconscious mind and work toward it. 

Because it is an indescribable moment to be surrounded by those who love you.

Especially those whom you share your household and spend most of your time with. 

After all…

“Familial wealth means a wealth of love, happiness, joy, warmth, reciprocal understanding, knowing that somebody is there when you feel down and want to cry on someone’s shoulder.”

And ultimately, it is a wealth of understanding each mistake, communication, and solving every problem that comes along the way. 

Remember that sincerity plays a vital role, and it is the primary ingredient to building familial wealth. 

Now Is Your Turn To Invest Your Time

To conclude this blog post, 

Everybody can achieve attainable wealth within these areas.

In fact, there are three more areas that complete holistic wealth. But your first focus to invest your time should be in these five areas.

Now, remember the following truthfulness.

“It takes decades to understand, learn, and find many answers from your mentors about what true wealth is really about. It is a whole life voyage toward your destination.”

Do you agree?

Now tell us, what does wealth mean to you?

Pat VC - what does wealth mean to you?

Maybe you try to find the starting point in your life toward prosperity, wealth, and success. 

If so, leave us a comment.

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Thanks for reading or watching and I will see you next week. 

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