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Other People’s Problems – The Third Doer Leverage Strategy

Have you ever tried to fix other people’s problems?

Either you have or haven’t, above all you have to realize the harsh truth.

“You can’t help other people solve their problems until you help yourself first.”

Moreover, you are not responsible for other people’s happiness either. 

What you are responsible for is your life.

Because you are the CEO of your life and only you can take massive action to achieve greatness.

And only after that, you can help others. 

Would you agree?

That’s the genuine truth… 

And that’s why I created this video.

Here at Pat VC, I help people to become Doers.

I help you overcome scarcity and transition or recondition your fixed mindset to prosperity

For that reason, I found the 7 Wealth Stages

These are key stages in life that help you prosper in logical sequence and direction. 

And that’s why I also want to teach you the 7 Wealth Stages life framework. 

Introduction To Solving Other People’s Problems

Until now, I’ve been constantly helping and investing in myself. 

And I found out that the key to being a better person every day, you must literally force yourself to get what you want.

So I feel that my mission is to share, contribute, and help people who resonate with the 7 Wealth Stages direction.

And I hope you become a Doer and part of our followers by patting the Like and Subscribe button.

Now, today’s topic is related to a stage called Learn To Leverage Other Skills

Pat VC - 7 Wealth Stages

As the name reveals “leverage other skills”, is vital if you want to prosper. 


“If you help yourself first and then help others by solving their problems, your success will take off.”

With this purpose in mind,

there are 3 strategies you need to be aware of before you can solve other people’s problems.

The first strategy may be quite the opposite, but it’s necessary to realize it… 

1. Sometimes Helping Other People’s Problems Can’t Make Things Better

Sometimes Helping Other People's Problems Can't Make Things Better

Yep. Are you surprised?

You shouldn’t be, because here is the truth.

This is the first step that only you need to decide whether it is worthy of your energy to help someone achieve the result.

For example:

If you want to teach other people how to improve their brand awareness or how to control personal finances

Ask yourself, are they willing to learn and put effort into it?

Because trying to pass on to someone else your skills with no results is completely a waste of time. 

In other words, it means…

“Sometimes helping other people’s problems can’t make things better.”

Would you agree?

So how can you with your effort to fix other people’s problems?

Listen, before you decide to help, you must first weed out rotten apples. 

It means to attract an audience that is coachable, and that resonates with you.

Then, you are poised to follow the next strategy…

2. Your Mission Is To Help People Learn And Grow 

Other People's Problems - Your Mission Is To Help People Learn And Grow

Without doubt, 

one person can do more than he or she is assuming.

And I’m talking about any part within the eight areas of holistic wealth.

It could be:

  • spiritual,
  • physical
  • mental,
  • emotional,
  • financial,
  • familial,
  • communal or social…

After all, we were conditioned to accept society as it is and somehow survive in this world full of uncertainties. 

Just look at the enormous amount of money that has been printed in the US

What does it tell you? 

The government let these people get used to it and create obedient “sheeple”. 

Isn’t it true?

As a result, everything around is just artificial. 

It has no real value, and all is made up out of thin air. 

And that’s a real problem for people to be able to grow. 

Don’t fall into this trap.


“Your obligation is to distinguish yourself from the crowd and help people who are coachable and obsessed to grow.”

It is your mission to:

  • express your thoughts,
  • unlock your purpose,
  • attract people,
  • and build greatness.

Because everyone has a certain level of purpose. 

And also you have your own. 

For example, 

I found a purpose within the 7 Wealth Stages. 

The 7 Wealth Stages Purpose

When I continually learn from my mentors, I always add gradually value to all seven stages. 

I expand them every day, but the principle remains the same. It doesn’t change its direction. 

Conversely, it accelerates effectiveness. 

And as a result, the 7 Wealth Stages become profound with the huge mission to solve other people’s problems. 

I’m telling you…

“If you want to grow, you need to find someone who would push you every day forward.”


Because you can always do more than you assume.

As a general rule, we put a lot of faith in culture, society, parents, relatives, where we grew up.

Even if you get to love them, they are usually not the right people to surround yourself with if you become obsessed with achieving goals. 

So again, if you come from a poor or middle class, you need to learn somewhere else.

You need to listen to people who resonate with you and model them.

Because after some time you find that their mission, products or services solve your and other people’s problems. 

Would you agree?

It’s deep, ponder on it…

And it leads me to the third last strategy…

3. Mostly, You Have No Idea What Is Best For Other People But You May Put Them In The Right Direction

Other People's Problems - You Have No Idea What Is Best For Other People


  • How can you assume what other people think? 
  • And how can you suppose what is best for others?
  • Or how to internalize other people’s problems?

Simple you can’t.

Stop thinking about other people’s problems with your thoughts.

It’s not your business. It sucks. 

It will drain your energy and keep you unfocused on things that are vital in your life. 

Let me give you an example:

Can You Assume What Other People Think?

If you ever visited a well-educated and highly professional life coach or psychiatrist, how he can assume what your life path has been about? 

Sure, on one hand, he can…

  • give you advice,
  • calm your mind in a certain way,
  • teach you meditation,
  • how to relax,
  • and even prescribe some sedatives. 

But he doesn’t solve your problem entirely, instead just temporarily. 

On the other hand, 

he may visualize your direction

Also, he may show you that there is always bright light or hope at the end of the tunnel. 

But only you can walk in that direction. 

It means you must be coachable have faith courage persistence and a burning desire to improve

It means you must be…

  • coachable,
  • have faith,
  • courage,
  • persistence,
  • and a burning desire to improve. 

I’m telling you this from my own experience.

Because to find someone such as a life coach or mentor who would show you the meaning, direction, steps within your life is challenging. 

And because not everyone resonates with you, it takes time to encounter the right person. 


“If you have a burning desire and constantly look for someone to help you solve your problems, I assure you that one day you will find that person.”

You will feel it in your heart. 

You just need to keep looking, be tough on yourself if you desire to develop growth mindset

Would you agree?

For that reason, I created the 7 Wealth Stages to help you overcome scarcity and recondition to prosperity.

Are You Ready To Solve Other People’s Problems?

To conclude this blog post, 

You can’t entirely help or solve other people’s problems.

Instead, you can leverage your…

  • resources,
  • skills,
  • knowledge,
  • experience,
  • value,
  • and transparency that provide the solution to helping people. 

In this way, you embark on a mission that may affect the minds of thousands and thousands of people around the world. 

And even better, when you leverage other people’s platforms, resources, networks, your mission will massively take-off. 

If you should remember just one thing from this video, get this.

“First, you have to help yourself and overcome your problems. Because then the problem becomes so small for you. And at that moment, you can help and start solving other people’s problems to show them the right direction.”

Would you agree? 

Now tell us, have you tried to solve other people’s problems in your life?

And have you found value in our series of The Doer Leverage Strategies?

To remind, here you can watch or read the other parts:

Leave us a comment below on what your thoughts are.

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Thanks for reading or watching and I will see you next week. 

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