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The Power Of Leverage Strategies: Multiply Your Time And Income

The power of leverage strategies allow you to significantly multiply your time and income.

Don’t you believe?

Let’s find out…

Firstly, let me ask you a couple of questions.

Do you enjoy talking about wealth?

Or about how to multiply your time and income?

Because when it comes to wealth or money, I discover that most people don’t want to go deeper into this topic.

But I enjoy surrounding myself with like-minded people like you are.

And I love to express myself with anything related to money, investment, wealth, and leverage

Introduction To The Power Of Leverage Strategies

Hi Doers,

you are reading or watching a channel called Pat VC where I talk about the 7 Wealth Stages (formerly seven golden rules) in life. 

7 Wealth Stages

And today, I’m going to leverage this video with thousands of people like you to share my understanding of the power of leverage

I’ve recently committed to immersing myself in this topic, and I’m eager to go deeper and deeper into it. 

Once my mentor said:

“It is unquestionably crucial to use the power of leverage if you want to become wealthy.”

Well, when I pondered on it seriously, it clicked in me. 

If I surround myself with wealthy people then I will achieve success as well. 

But you know the harsh truth. 

It’s obvious that society programs you to become sheep to their system.

On one hand, I don’t say it’s wrong and everyone should sabotage the rules, but on the other hand, I see it through a different lens. 

Here is what I mean by that.

3 Strategic Periods Within Your Life

In reality,

1st Strategic Period

It’s obvious that in your younger age until twenty you have a lot of time, plenty of energy, but no money. But it doesn’t bother you to have any money because of your perception of life.

2nd Strategic Period

Then, the next stage of your life is somewhere between twenty and sixty. Society tells you to work hard and follow the rule. 

Generally, society teaches you to stay in the rat race and be an obedient person. Usually, during this period, you feel you have a lot of energy but you are in the trap of money myths.

And the downside is, you have not much time because you keep yourself in the cage of busyness.

Isn’t it horrifying? 

3rd Strategic Period

And lastly, society tells you that once you are sixty-five, now you have privilege and time to be happy to enjoy your life… 

And lastly, society tells you that once you are sixty-five, now you have privilege and time to be happy to enjoy your life…

What the hell…?

If you look at it deeply and diligently, the third period is very frustrating for humans.

Because in this stage, after you’re sixty-five, you have no time and no energy. 

And if you’ve followed society rules and systems, most of you haven’t saved enough money to be happy.

Am I right?

Either you rely on the government or if you had children, they must support you. 

Is it what is right? Is that what you desire?

Think about these 3 periods of your life…

Why Should You Use The Power Of Leverage?

Now, what does it have common with the power of leverage?

I wanted to paint a picture in your mind of your life. I wanted to open your eyes and realize the true potential of your direction. 

Because there is a better way, there is a successful path which you can pave and become wealthy. 

It’s called leverage

“My mentor taught me that wealth is measured by time, not by money.”

He said, rich people appreciate more time than money.

And this wise principle has recently clicked in my mind.

That’s why I’ve devoted myself to learning the power of leveraging. 

And since then, I’ve found most individuals don’t achieve success in their journey because they don’t recognize or they don’t want to take advantage of the power of leverage.

In fact, a typical misunderstanding is that leverage refers only to borrowing money. 

But leverage is so much more than just to borrow money. 

Because there are several types of “leverage strategies”. 

And I discover, the more I use them, the wealthier I become. And again it’s not about measuring wealth by money, but by time.  

Because I focus on what I’m great at and someone else does tasks that I’m not good at. 

I live and breathe with strategic thinking. 

Especially understanding the business model and preparing Elite-SEO strategies for a larger enterprise-level organization.

So this is what I can do for an entire day. Elite strategic thinking instead of being a technician. 

Next to that what I love is talking about:

  • Mindset,
  • Money,
  • Success,
  • Wealth… 

And I know that right now I’m wealthy with time and by doing what I do the rest will follow. 

Because I work daily on myself in order to recognize my reputation and network with affluent, wealthy people. 

The Truth About The Power Of Leverage

I want you to look at your life right now:

Since childhood, society has programmed your mind to follow the rules.  

Since childhood, society has programmed your mind to follow the rules.

They teach you only how to earn a linear or earned income. And they say that anything else such as residual income is a scam and you have to avoid it. 

Just be obedient or loyal sheep, watch TV, and follow what we say. 

What the hell…?

But I want you to think about it this way. 

When you stop working, guess what happens?

You stop earning. So society wants you back, to continue earning linear income because you were born working to be an obedient sheep. 

Isn’t it frustrating?

So what’s the solution? 

“Implement leverage in your life. It’s the ticket to free up your life.”

And the only way to expand your 24 hours and do more is to leverage your time.

Because when you understand it, it will pay off. 

The Most Important Leverage Strategies

Let me quickly explain what type of most important leverage strategies you can use in your life.  

The Power Of Leverage – Other People’s Money

The Power Of Leverage - Other Peoples Money

Leverage Other People’s Money is simply the use of debt. Usually, it applies to real estate or buying and growing businesses. 

The Power Of Leverage – Other People’s Time

Other Peoples Time

Leverage Other People’s Time is something that I’ve implemented in my life. I leverage the time of individuals who help me build my personal brand positioning and wealth. And their knowledge tremendously helps me.

The Power Of Leverage – Other People’s Work

Other Peoples Work

Leverage Other People’s Work is similar to Other People’s Time, however you employ people to leverage their time. 

I don’t employ anyone as it’s not what I’m looking for. I rather stick with Other People’s Time and pay them based on their results. 

But who knows I might need this leveraging during growing my wealth.

The Power Of Leverage – Other People’s Experience

The Power Of Leverage Other Peoples Experiences

I heavily hammer on leverage called Other People’s Experience. I think and grow fast. And the fastest way is to follow someone who already was there where you want to be. 

That being said, finding a mentor is crucial.

While living in Hong Kong I strive to find an additional wealth mentor or coach to drive me to the next level. 

Because I don’t want to waste my time learning everything on my own. Absolutely no because I value the time, which is the most precious thing. 

And since the beginning of this year, I’ve invested a sizable chunk of budget into myself. 

If my fiancee could describe my determination it would surprise you how heavily I devote myself to this.

Many books, seminars, courses, and one-on-one calls have built my skills this year like never before. 

The Power Of Leverage – Other People’s Ideas

Since I’ve been learning angel investing, I discovered the power of the private market and how to leverage Other People’s Ideas.

And when I scrutinize and dissect startups’ business models, I discover how to invest in income-producing ideas. 

Sure, it’s a risky endeavor, but I’m comfortable investing a concrete chunk of money in their business ideas.

On the other hand, Other People’s Ideas could be also buying franchises which is the power of Other People’s Idea which is a proven method that the idea works.

No more wasting your precious time. 

Other Peoples Ideas

Time To Take Action

You see, when you learn how to leverage, you’re not alone. 

What you can do is to utilize the power of as many other people’s resources as possible you need. 

This way, you can greatly multiply the efficiency of one person. 

The best part is that leverage allows you to create a system that runs itself. 

“Leverage is fundamental to create wealth.”

If you are a Doer, if you want to become wealthy or if you are on the same wealth path as I am, you must focus on learning the rules of wealth, understanding, mastering, and fully utilizing leverage.

And if you are tired of the society that brainwashes you to do the same thing over and over again until sixty, you have to take action now. 

Because you want to become a Doer

Now, I want to ask you a question.

Do you know any powerful book to read on the topic “The Power of Leverage”? 

If yes, leave your suggestion below, I’m eager to read it and execute 7 powerful ideas from it. 

Remember, leverage equals velocity. 

The more leverage you implement in your life, the faster will be your journey to wealth.

Let’s leverage our lives and walk together.

And I’ll see you in the next video.

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