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The 7 Wealth Stages Framework To Prosperity & Holistic Wealth

Thinking, what could be achievable stages of wealth?

And have you ever tried to find a starting point toward prosperity and wealth in your life?

Such as what pieces are missing to climb up the wealth pyramid?

Pat VC - The Wealth Pyramid

If you’ve been asking these questions, it means to me…

You are a Doer. 

Or perhaps, you might be looking for direction on how to transition from being a Dreamer to becoming a Doer.


Since my late twenties, I’ve been obsessed with creating well-being and wealth-building strategies to overcome scarcity and recondition to prosperity. 

So I decided to take action

As a result, during my traveling and living abroad, I found out that in our life there are seven stages. 

And I call them the 7 Wealth Stages framework. 

7 Wealth Stages

It enlightened within me the fact that these seven wealth stages put together the complete puzzle of holistic wealth.

Simply said…

“The 7 Wealth Stages guide you toward Prosperity and Holistic Wealth.”

Now, you may ask, how do I know it?

The answer is very simple because it works!

And because wealth to me is a set of things.

It can be a wealth of strength, skills, knowledge, a wealth of followers on social media, contributors, a wealth of mentors, supporters, or a wealth of happiness and love.

You see, it is not only about money.

But most importantly, a wealth of these things appears through eight areas of your life which ultimately creates Holistic Wealth.

And for that reason, I want you to understand the relation of Holistic Wealth as well. 

Holistic Wealth

That’s why I talk and write about topics related to the 7 Wealth Stages that help you pursue prosperity and holistic wealth. 

So on this page, I want to take you on a longer journey and show you each Wealth Stage. 

The first wealth stage is called:

1. Develop a Wealth Mindset


If you’d like to change something in your life, you must reprogram your fixed mindset to growth mindset first. 

This is a very critical stage in your life. 

Therefore, in the first wealth stage called Develop a Wealth Mindset, you will discover step-by-step methods of: 

  • Self-discipline development;
  • Being an organized person;
  • Taking action;
  • Setting your mindset to thrive;
  • Eliminating limiting beliefs and planting enabling ones;
  • Transforming your mindset into rich thinking;
  • Effectiveness and productivity of your life;
  • How to get motivated with full of energy;
  • Determination, goals, focus, and so on…

You see, these are substantial steps. 

If you don’t get it yet, ask yourself. Where does all this get started?

The answer is very simple, it starts in your mind.

So I’m asking you, how would you like to change for the better in your life without reprogramming your mindset first? 

I give you an answer:

“Nothing is going to help you unless you become a Doer by undergoing the first wealth stage called Develop a Wealth Mindset.”

That means,

Develop a Wealth Mindset is the first inevitable stage within the seven wealth stages.

2. Build Wealth With Elite-SEO Skills

Do you want to build your wealth and net worth? 

Would you like to no longer be worried about your financial situation? 

I know what you’re thinking:

But hey, what does it have common with SEO? 


If you don’t want to worry anymore about your earned income, you need to develop high-paying skills in the marketplace. 

Ask yourself, can you achieve financial comfort by working and being paid by the hour?

I tell you that’s infeasible. 

You have to develop skills that have a soaring demand on the market. 


I’ve been intensely mentored in the cash flow business model within the larger financial service organization while leading SEO strategies.

So as you can see, I’ve built my high demand skills called SEO. I focus especially on highly regulated industries. 

And I call it Elite-SEO skills. 

What Are Elite-SEO Skills?

In my opinion, SEO is one of the most profitable skills on the internet. 

But I recognized that to get higher earned income, it’s not about to be an SEO specialist to work on tactics only. But rather to become a high-level SEO strategist.


Because my mentor taught me that “strategies build businesses and not tactics.” 

Think about it this way:

If you want to escape from your hourly rat race that leads nowhere, you must reprogram your mindset (remember, the first wealth stage “Develop a Wealth Mindset”). 

And then start thinking on how to develop elite skills that allow you to get paid by projects, commissions, or better off by results and then scale it. 

This is the part where you begin mastering SEO or any other high-demand online elite skills. 

Now, it doesn’t have to be SEO which by the way I’ve fallen in love many many years ago. 

Elite-SEO has enabled me to travel and work with exceptional clients and companies.

Let me share a secret with you that has been working for me.

When you acquire an elite skill that is invaluable and the market is willing to pay for it:

  • First: You are no longer company dependent.
  • Second: you are no longer location-dependent.
  • Third: you are no longer industry-dependent.

You can move whenever you want and work anywhere you want in case you deliver the same results all the time.

See The Difference?

Elite-SEO skill is powerful because you may implement it across any industry on the Internet. 

So in this wealth stage called Build Wealth With Elite-SEO Skills, I show you how to acquire the Elite-SEO skills mindset and become an Elite-SEO Strategist to live and breathe with strategic thinking. 

“Within the stage called Build Wealth With Elite-SEO Skills, you learn that the mindset of an Elite-SEO Strategist is one of the most profitable long-term skillsets on the internet.”

That said,

Build Wealth With Elite-SEO Skills is the second inevitable stage within the seven wealth stages.

Stage-2 - Build Wealth With Elite-SEO Skills

Build Wealth With Elite-SEO Skills

3. Control Personal Finances

Just imagine that…

You possess Elite-SEO skills or any other high-demand elite skills. 

That means you may no longer be worried about your financial situation. 

The truth is… you become financially stable.

Because when you are financially stable, it means you know how to make money. 

Then, when you make more money, your number in your bank account is growing. 

And when your bank account is growing, the question is…

How Do You Manage Your Finances?


When I came to Asia just with my luggage, I had very little to give. 

Fortunately, because of my SEO skills, I could at least earn some decent money to pay rent and have something to eat. 

And over time, while upgrading my SEO skills to Elite-SEO skills, I started earning more. 

Yet there was one big problem with that…

I didn’t have a money strategy to follow and I wasn’t good at managing money.

So I had to find a way to control personal finance and especially understand how money works

And because I conditioned my mind to think a different way then I’d been exercised repeatedly, my first step was purchasing the visual book called How Money Works.

The result? 

It might seem boring for you, but after sorting out the information, I became obsessed to study in-depth managing money and the best practices of personal finances.

That’s why in this wealth stage called Control Personal Finances, you will find out knowledge on:

“The truth is, when you start making extra cash with your elite skills, you might be trapped in not knowing how to control personal finances and not understanding how money works.”

And that’s why…

Control Personal Finances is the third inevitable stage within the seven wealth stages.

Stage-3 - Control Personal Finances

Control Personal Finances

4. Invest to Grow Wealth


Once you’ve cracked how to control your personal finances, you will ponder on what to do with that excessive cash. 

Because you know what? 

Money loves to circulate and leaving it in your bank account isn’t a wise decision.

Chances are that if you’re reading this, you may lost some money because of your wrong decision in dubious investments, am I right?

Well, you aren’t alone. 

Because when you strive to thrive your money, investment vehicles, wealth, and assets, you must be familiar with that. 

In other words, you have to go through trials and failures. 

But that’s ok because without that you wouldn’t have appreciated the money.  

And you wouldn’t have educated yourself on several different types of assets. 

Simply said,

Taking a step back and looking at your investment skills is paramount importance.

That’s why in this wealth stage called Invest To Grow Wealth, you will find out education on:

  • Importance of investing in yourself;
  • Risk tolerance;
  • Educating your mindset to understand the fundamentals of investing;
  • Essential investment assets and how they work;
  • Income asset secrets that no one wants you to know;
  • Opportunities in specific highly regulated industries and emerging markets;
  • Public market – Stock market;
  • Private market – Angel investing;
  • Real Estate basics to building a portfolio that covers your expenses and beyond;

But here is the thing:

Without a few virtual and private mentors, I would have never executed investment strategies to grow wealth. 

That means…

“In the Invest to Grow Wealth stage you learn simple investment wisdom and fundamental long-term investment strategies because, without proper guidance, things usually go wrong.”

And because money loves respect,

Invest To Grow Wealth is the fourth inevitable stage within the seven wealth stages.

Stage-4 - Invest to Grow Wealth

Invest To Grow Wealth

5. Execute 7 Powerful Book-Ideas 

Look at this significant chain of your potential success.

Dreamer – Reader – Doer – Action Taker – Leader – Achiever

What do you see? 

Where are you at? 

Now get this: 

To become a Leader you need to be an Action Taker. And to become an Action Taker you need to become a Doer first.

But how? 

The answer is, 

because all Doers are Readers. 

Most importantly, you have to constantly invest in yourself to build the foundation that discovers who you are and who you want to become. 

But that’s just part of the story.

Because it’s not about reading, putting aside, and forgetting it. 

When you read a new book or watch a webinar, course, or visit a seminar, the ultimate goal is to acquire and execute at least 7 powerful ideas. 

And this is my favorite wealth stage.

I will give you an example. 

When I read three books about rental real estate investing, I developed a plan on my wall and set the goal to start building a rental property portfolio.

And after around six months I purchased the first property and so on. 

You see, I didn’t wait. 

Instead, I took action. I chose a niche, strategy, criteria, financing, team, system, and executed it. 

And I really love it. 

“The difference of the Execute 7 Powerful Book-Ideas stage is, it’s not just about reading and putting it aside. Preferably, it’s about taking those valuable ideas that were gathered by that particular writer and compressed into one book and then executing them.”

Don’t forget:

Execute 7 Powerful Book-Ideas is the fifth inevitable stage within the seven wealth stages.

Stage-5 - Execute 7 Powerful Book-Ideas

Execute 7 Powerful Book-Ideas

6. Learn to Leverage Other Skills

Let’s be honest…

One day, you will reach a specific level of your growth, and you will be stuck. 

Annoying isn’t it?

You might be wondering…

How is that possible? 

Bear with me, because in a while I’m going to show you how…

Even when you read dozens and dozens of books, listen to numberless courses or webinars,  you will feel and you will have the desire to move faster.

Trust me, I know what I’m talking about…

At this point, you realize a significant chain of your potential success.

Dreamer – Reader – Doer – Action Taker – Leader – Achiever

Now, the question you may be asking…

How To Move Ahead To The Next Level?

The answer is simple yet logical. 

The key to getting yourself to the next level, you need to learn and combine to your first elite-skill another elite-skill. 

But wait there’s more:

Because simultaneously, learn how to leverage:

Well, I can tell you, this is a hard part if you just get started. 

And I can tell you, I’m at this stage where mentorship is so vital to me. 

Here’s why:

It’s unquestionably crucial to use leverage if you want to become wealthy. 

And if you ponder on it seriously, it will click within you. 

You should quickly recognize how important it is to leverage other people’s time, work, money, experience, etc. 

The truth is when you surround yourself with a wealthy environment, opinions, thoughts, and people you will achieve a certain stage of your success. 

But how far you want to climb, it’s only up to you. 

“In the wealth stage called Learn to Leverage Other Skills, you learn scalability and leverage strategies on how to pursue your potential success with wealth.”

Remember, this is a very influential wealth stage because leverage is a fundamental step in wealth creation.

For example, I advocate intrapreneurship and I want also you to explore this role in-depth.

So, while undergoing building new elite skills and using the power of leverage strategies in my life I want to take you within this journey as well.

That being said,

Learn to Leverage Other Skills is the sixth inevitable stage within the seven wealth stages.

Stage-6 - Learn to Leverage Other Skills

Learn to Leverage Other Skills

7. Experience an Abundant Life

Everyone would like to live an abundant life…

Also, you would love to live a life full of abundance, wouldn’t you?

You might be wondering…

What is an abundant life?

Let me explain:

By abundant life, I mean an abundance of true wealth areas:

  • Health; 
  • Body;
  • Emotions; 
  • Mind; 
  • Happiness
  • Abilities; 
  • Wealth;
  • Relationship… 

In other words, 

It’s realizing the existence of yourself and understanding that your body is connected throughout those areas.

Because True Wealth is Holistic Wealth. 

It is holistic wealth through your life.

You may ask…

Can this really be true?

Yes, it can…

And as a first step of finding your answer what’s abundant life is, it’s inevitable to know your “Why”. 

Therefore, in the seventh wealth stage called Experience an Abundant Life, you will discover step-by-step simple methods of: 

As you may recognize, I strive to go deeper and explain the purpose of life. 

Moreover, how to keep your mind and body away from stress and from bustling everyday life. 

“When you understand within the stage Experience an Abundant Life what really abundant life and holistic wealth are, there is no way back once you put yourself in this direction.”

That’s why I created the seven stages of wealth. 

Because I want you to become a Doer.

That said,

Experience an Abundant Life is the last seventh inevitable stage within the seven wealth stages.

Stage-7 - Experience an Abundant Life

Experience an Abundant Life

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