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3 Rules How To Learn Faster Without Reading Books

In this blog post or video, you are going to find 3 rules on how to learn faster without reading books.

In fact, learning hard and soft skills is essential for the development of a growth mindset.

But how can you do it if you avoid reading?

Don’t worry, you are going to find the answer in a moment.

1. You Must Have an Open Mind And a Growth Mindset

You Must Have an Open Mind And a Growth Mindset

First and foremost,

your personality must be receptive to different thoughts, ideas, or knowledge.


“Because if you idle and stay obstinate, you cannot be opened-minded, or even worse, you cannot develop a growth mindset.”
Pat V.C.

So knowing yourself first is the best starting point to open your mind and start developing a growth mindset. 

Ask yourself these questions:

  • What am I willing to do to live a better life?
  • What is the first step am I willing to do to develop a better version of myself?
  • Why am I willing to change?
  • How am I willing to get there?

These are basic questions to ask, but they should bring you rational answers.

Recognize, open-mindedness is about thinking positively and see opportunities in every problem. It is about planting in your mind enabling beliefs that lead to overall personal growth.

For example:

I recently left my job to accomplish the personal and professional growth I needed.

In other words,

I had to have an open mind and the courage to quit my job so that I could continue with what I needed while living in the most expensive city.

Now, as I have developed a growth mindset, I am considering moving abroad with my wife.

It means to step outside my comfort zone and find new opportunities.

And this is one of the types of change for the better.

Although, for those who have a fixed mindset, it can be a scary experience.

So remember, you learn faster while having an open mind.

If you need to understand deeper the difference between growth and fixed mindset, check out this video.

2. Don’t Rely On Yourself And Find a Mentor

Do Not Rely On Yourself And Find a Mentor - Pat VC

One of the most important tools of wisdom to repeatedly strengthen your mind is to find a mentor or coach.

You may be arguing now because after all, you can find answers on the internet.

Look, while this is somehow true, it is a slow process to moving forward. 

For example: 

Let’s say, you want to develop hard skills such as SEO or sales funnels. So you can browse and watch top videos on Youtube or read articles on Google.

On the other hand, finding the best influencers, marketers, experts and purchasing their courses will significantly speed up your learning process. 

After that, you can join mastermind groups or have a one-on-one consultation to boost and skyrocket your growth.

Or when you work in any company, corporation, startup, it’s best to find someone who resonates strongly with you and learn from them. 

For example, I have missed personal mentors or coaches for so long. 

In other words, I struggled within myself because I couldn’t increase my social currency and social wealth.

And as I already mentioned when I left my previous job, I saw opportunities that would lead me to find new influential mentors in my life.

After all,

“Mentors, Doers, High Achievers are the most critical part to developing a growth mindset.”
Pat V.C.

Remember, don’t trust yourself and find mentors to learn faster.

3. Change Your Environment

How To Learn Faster - Change Your Environment

This rule is big, bigger than you can expect.

Earlier, I already described you must have an open mind and get mentors around you, which is actually a change or replace the current environment.

This means analyzing your situation in your personal and professional life.


in your personal life, if you feel unhappy where you live, in a city you stay, or job you have, you need to consider changing environment. 

Otherwise, it causes forming a fixed mindset and staying average. 

In addition, your emotional wealth will challenge you plus your mental wealth will struggle for growing hard and soft skills.

Do you get it?


in your professional life, it’s about earning social currency.

It means to find social communities of people that resonate with you.

And as you can recognize, it circles back to both previous first two rules. 



“When you feel your professional career is flat, frozen, and it leads nowhere, consider leaving your current job, quit the business you struggle with, and change your environment.”
Pat V.C.

Go abroad, explore new opportunities because there is always a new door after closing the current one.

A minor thing can even help you if you work from home.

Reorganize your furniture at your home office. I call it environmental triggers and it will psychologically help to learn faster. 

For example, in my case, again, I’m in the situation of changing environment because I need to increase social wealth to move and learn faster.

Now bonus rule on how to learn faster…

Bonus Rule On How To Learn Faster – Document Yourself To Teach Others 

How To Learn Faster - Document Yourself To Teach Others 

A short quick bonus to learn faster is by documenting and teaching others.

In fact, it has had an impact on me.

For example, while writing this blog post, I learn faster because I talk to myself and to you.

So by teaching others while writing blog posts or making videos, you learn much much faster.

Now It’s Your Turn to Understand How To Learn Faster

In conclusion, 

these 3 rules to learn faster without reading books can trigger a lot of new things in your life.

So keep in mind this:

Learning faster is about having an open mind, finding someone who resonates with you, and changing your professional or personal growth environment.”

Does it make sense?

Now, what was at least one golden nugget you have learned?

How do you learn faster?

Leave us a comment below. 

And don’t forget to sign up to get The Prosperity Doer Manifesto

Thanks for reading or watching and I will see you next week. 

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