Hey, I’m Vlastimil, a former Dreamer turned Doer.

“The Only Solution is The Doer Revolution.”


Vlastimil Cícha - Pat V.C. with a toy truck

Who I Am

Hey Doers, 

I’m on a mission to inspire Dreamers to become wealthy Doers

Mindset is everything!

I do this through various mediums such as Sunday Doer's Mail (mindset) and Sunday Search Mail (Digital Growth Marketing) newsletter, written book, YouTube channel, and productivity planner designed for action-takers. 

I am a full-blown Digital Growth Doer who has been focusing on helping companies and investors get more leads and sales.

Most of my earned income has come from SEO-focused ventures such as company/client ranking, and providing SEO services. I've also started building an SEO affiliate website. In addition, sales funnel consulting and building sales pages have been my core elite-income skills too.

I used to be a digital nomad, then turned to helping large international organizations integrate SEO operations and strategies.

My core area of experience and expertise is live, eat, and breathe SEO digital growth marketing

I keep exploring how people search for information and take action on landing/sales pages. I'm particularly interested in how cognitive biases come into play as mental shortcuts in helping people make decisions faster. 

This is my slogan: SEARCH FOR PROSPERITY

Now, if you are interested in hearing 25 facts about me, continue reading…

Vlastimil Cicha Pat V.C. at The Murray Hong Kong

25 Quick Facts About Me

  1. I’m from the Czech Republic. In 2006, I flew to Australia to search for a better life. I was 21 years old. 

  2. When I returned, I felt lost. I couldn’t find myself, nobody understood me. I worked in B2C and B2B selling computer components. The door-to-door sale was also my attempt. But I felt miserable… So I committed to fly to Asia one day. At the same time, I fell in love with ecommerce and especially SEO.

  3. I started dabbling in SEO and finally decided to hit the road to Asia. It was the end of 2011.

  4. During my travels, I joined a few network marketing companies because of open-minded people to stay positive. I wanted to learn the art of selling and facing rejection…

  5. Back in 2013, I had a pretty incredible experience. I earned my very first tiny unit of Bitcoin, called Satoshi, by participating in surveys and solving captchas. It was such a fun and rewarding journey. Since then, I've been using the dollar-cost-average crypto strategy. It's been a game-changer for me.

  6. Living and having freedom in the Philippines, Indonesia, South Korea, Macau, and Hong Kong as a digital nomad brought me top-notch experiences in my life. Even though I was struggling financially, I was happy because I had freedom and was working for myself. In Asia, I got the nickname “Pat” or “Patrick.”

  7. When I saw Hong Kong Island and all those magnificent skyscrapers for the first time, I wanted to do digital search marketing for large banks or financial services companies. Do not ask me why!

  8. While trying to infiltrate the local culture, agencies, and companies, I taught casually English just to cover my expenses. But I never gave up on my SEO goal. And I finally made it! I helped blockchain companies and crypto exchanges in Hong Kong.

  9. That time, I began to study wealthy people, their mindsets, and their habits. I wanted to be like them…

  10. But the happiness was suddenly gone! I felt down and drained. Why? Because I compared myself to them without success. It was time to rebuild my mindset…

  11. In 2020, I started writing a book called The Doer Revolution and also created a video book.

  12. The YouTube channel Vlastimil Cícha | Pat V.C. was born in 2020 without direction and expertise. Big failure! But I practiced my speaking skills on camera. Now the channel is frozen, waiting for the future to resurrect it again.

  13. I got married and relocated from Hong Kong to Switzerland with my lovely wife in 2021.

  14. October 2021, I started working in an investment bank in Zurich.

  15. The first version of the book The Doer Revolution was published in 2021.

  16. We also launched The Doer Transformation 90-Day Planner with the B.A.P technique (Believe, Act, and Prosper) to help people achieve their goals.

  17. My wife is the best person I know. She has supported me and become in charge of content direction for our (frozen) YouTube channel, websites, services, and products. She launched her website called Billy's Paw.

  18. In February 2023, I attended virtually the 10X Growth Conference, which opened my eyes. And I did several personality tests to better understand who I am because I felt stuck again.

  19. After extensive discussions with my wife regarding staying in Switzerland, I encountered a series of negotiations that ultimately led me to embark on a collaborative short SEO journey for the largest retail bank in Zurich.

  20. After that excellent experience, I wanted to try to be self-employed. We left Switzerland in October 2023, but with the idea in mind, we would return one day. I wanted freedom for some time and to be surrounded by eagles and high achievers! Heck, I am a wealthy Doer and I search for wealth!

  21. My mission is to help other entrepreneurs and investors grow their wealth with my digital growth marketing skills. I want to inspire others and share the transformational journey of adopting a wealth mindset to become a Doer.

  22. I write a weekly newsletter called Sunday Doer's Mail, where I share short, personal development insights with over 300 subscribers–Doers.

  23. My weekly Sunday Search Mail newsletter is available exclusively on LinkedIn. I outline news and challenges in digital growth marketing and operations for a fast-growing business.

  24. I constantly search for prosperity! And I will always… Join me in unlocking your full potential and success as a prosperous Doer.

  25. The last fact is about you. Are you a Doer?
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