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7 Rules Of Wealth By Richard Templar – Thinking Wealthy

By Vlastimil Cícha / June 15, 2024

7 Rules Of Wealth By Richard Templar - Thinking Wealthy

If you wonder what are the rules of wealth that successful people know, keep reading and you will find out…

And if you’re eagerly interested in this topic, in the psychology behind the wealthy, it’s about studying the mindset of wealthy people.

But before you dive in, let me share with you something.

A few days ago, I went to a bookstore to expand my knowledge, but most importantly to absorb the atmosphere of endless wisdom.

And guess what? 

I bought two more massive books on professional investing and mentorship. 

Because reading has become for me like a daily ritual. I read three times per day in a 20-30min interval. 

So I want you to put it into action in your life as well. 

Because remember what Warren Buffett said. 

“The more you learn, the more you earn.”

Now, how is it applicable to you?

It simply means if you want to walk toward prosperity and holistic wealth, you need to apply a similar reading habit. 

Besides, when I study ultra-successful people, their multi-millionaire mindset, habits, and rules, I see the pattern. 

And I recently read a book called The Rules Of Wealth by Richard Templar. 

This book consists of over 100 rules of wealth divided into 6 categories. 

So today, let’s focus on the first category, which is called “Thinking Wealthy”

And I handpicked 7 rules that are vital starting points toward prosperity and a wealth mindset

With this purpose in mind, let’s talk about these rules with my own interpretation.

7. Anybody Can Be Wealthy – You Just Need To Apply Yourself

Anybody Can Be Wealthy - You Just Need To Apply Yourself

Unconditionally, as a starting point of wealthy thinking, is planting the wealth seed in your subconscious mind

Would you agree?

What I mean by that is you have to believe you can get wealthy. 

Look, it’s not about:

  • where you come from,
  • what your race is or what your parents did.  

The only one thing at the starting point is you.

Because every day you wake up with a rational mind of how you will spend the entire day.

It means you have the same rights and opportunities as everybody else on this planet. 

But the only threat that can hold you back is…

But you know what? 

“There is an abundance of wealth in the world and everyone can take as much as they want.”

This same applies to you. 

You have the right to collect as much money as you wish because there is an infinite amount of money. 

Listen, you can’t stay mediocre. That’s not your direction, you come here so you must acquire the right mindset and be persistent.

But before you set off in your direction, listen to the following rule of wealth.

6. Know How The Wealthy Think

The Rules Of Wealth - Know How The Wealthy Think

I want to open this rule of wealth with a quote by Napoleon Hill.

“Whatever Your Mind Can Conceive and Believe, It Can Achieve.” 

It’s a profound quote to me. 

Because if you believe you can achieve wealth, it becomes a reality.

And it reflects all your daily activities. 

The cool thing is, there is a test that will determine whether you or someone else will end up wealthy. 

Try to observe people in your office, cafes, or clubs while reading newspapers. 

What do you see?

Watch which sections they flip over fast. Which section they choose to read and which section they spend most of their time on.

And the same applies to you as well. 

I practice this technique every day and it is interesting when you learn how to read people

Because wealthy people read more serious sections such as:


“If you’re serious about getting wealthy, you have to learn how wealthy people think.”

Because this is a starting point of your voyage and a starting point to define what wealth means to you. 

That’s why it leads me to another rule of wealth…

5. Decide On Your Definition & Rules Of Wealth

Decide On Your Definition & Rules Of Wealth

A quick question right off the bat. 

  • What does wealth mean to you?

Listen, my definition is crystal clear. 

“To me, wealth means a set of things that appear within eight vital areas of life and ultimately create holistic wealth.”

And while speaking of those things, it can be a wealth of:

  • knowledge,
  • friends and business partners,
  • or a wealth of love and reciprocal understanding. 

In fact, the list goes on and on.

So don’t fall into the conventional belief that wealth is only about money. That’s a poor mindset belief. 

Try to explore what wealth means to you within the other vital wealth areas of your life.

For example, your physical wealth, mental wealth, or emotional wealth. 

Holistic Wealth


“If you understand eight areas of holistic wealth and improve them, financial abundance and prosperity will show up.”

And once you realize what wealth really means to you, move on to the following wealth rule…

4. Set Your Dreams, Goals, Targets And Decide What You Want Money For

Set Your Dreams, Goals, Targets And Decide What You Want Money For

Look, acting toward prosperity is about having a destination. 

What I mean by that is to know your dreams, attainable goals that are broken down into targets. 

And you know the truth.

Dreams are just dreams, but you have to take action. 

  • So what’s your dream?

For example, if you dream of working anywhere in the world, what’s the actual point?

And you know to achieve it might not be simple.

So you need to get motivated, set goals and targets because mostly to fulfill your goals, you need money.

Would you agree?

Listen, very often, you overwhelm and overestimate yourself with what you want. 

But after all…

“You don’t need too much to fulfill your first attainable goals. You just need to have a rational plan and take action.”

So what are your excuses to set off on your journey to your destination?

  • Why do you want money? 

Write it down, don’t neglect it because people are very lazy to become wealthy.

But that’s not your case…

So set your attainable goals and hit the targets every day and week…

And write a comment below “I commit to being wealthy…”

3. Understand Your Money Beliefs And Where They Come From

Understand Your Money Beliefs And Where They Come From

The harsh truth is, you grew up with dozens of money myths.

For example, my parents never taught me anything about money beliefs, how to collect it, how to keep it, and multiply it.

I don’t judge my parents or relatives, and neither should you… 

But all these beliefs are very toxic, and I hear them repeatedly everywhere. 

For example:

The Rules Of Wealth - Limiting Money Beliefs
  • Money is dirty;
  • Money corrupts;
  • You lose friends if you get wealthy;
  • The more money you have, the more you want and become greedy;
  • I’m not the right person to become rich;
  • You have to work hard to get rich.

Heck, while saying this list, I’m depressed and it is frustrating to my ears. 

Unfortunately, the list goes on and on…

So what’s the solution?

Listen to me, you must get rid of them and reprogram your subconscious mind only on enabling beliefs.

And you need to learn the truth about money.

For example:

The Rules Of Wealth - Enabling Beliefs
  • I’m going to be wealthy; 
  • I’m ready to be disciplined;
  • I work hard to hit my goals and targets; 
  • There is plenty of money waiting for me.


“Wealthy people have no trouble with money myths, just poor people have.”

Still not convinced?

Keep reading…

2. Understand That Money Breeds Money – One Of The Most Profound Rules Of Wealth

Understand That Money Breeds Money - One Of The Most Profound Rules Of Wealth

I feel ashamed of myself because it took me so long to understand that money makes money.

Do you want to know why?

Because my father has always been a saver, and he keeps all the money in cash. 

His recommendation has always been just to save money.

But I knew it was wrong. 

And something has changed when I learned different types of appreciating assets to invest in.

As a result, the biggest breakthrough came when I invested in real estate. It is the best income-producing asset. 

However your situation might be different. It means always do your thorough research before you invest in anything.

But for now, you get to understand that money breeds money quietly and quickly, like rabbits.

Because money loves speed, money loves to circulate, and money loves to hang out in sizable groups. 

You know the truth, the rich get richer and the poor get poorer. 

So what? That’s life.

It is a game that only you can win. 

So get off your butt and start working. 

  • Last, save to invest wisely in daily, weekly, or monthly producing assets.


Stop making excuses or moaning and rather understand that money breeds money.”

And finally, the last rule of wealth is…

1. It’s Tough To Manage Yourself Than It Is To Control Your Money

It is Tough To Manage Yourself Than It Is To Control Your Money

Look, the utmost truth is, most people are too lazy to be wealthy. 

Don’t you believe it? 

Ask mediocre friends if they want to be rich. 

Their answer will always be the same as “I want to be rich”, but they don’t.

They wish to win lottery tickets and become rich by doing nothing. Or they want money to come to them by luck or chance. 

Now, what does it mean to you?

It means to understand yourself. 

So tell me, how god damn you know yourself?

Can you clearly answer this question? 

Because I’m going to ask you one deeper question. 

Will you work extremely hard every day for many years to enter the wealthy elite?

If it’s tough for you to answer this question, you will not succeed.

Yes, it is the utmost truth

Listen, it’s all about self-discipline and being laser-focused. 

“Take risks, do not follow the herd, and be distinct from everyone else.”

Because wealthy people, when they start out, make tons of sacrifices. 

Listen, I committed to being wealthy.

I’m 100% in, so are you with me?

Are You Ready To Adopt The 7 Rules Of Wealth?

There isn’t a magic formula to become wealthy fast.

Fortunately, success leaves clues.

And while reading these types of books such as The Rules of Wealth by Richard Templar, you will understand the pattern.

Now, remember the following principle:

“If you want to never worry about money, you need to study wealth in depth. It takes years to put together a framework that will fit your needs. But by reading and following the successful people, you can speed up the process because they know the rules of wealth.”

Would you agree?

Now tell us, are you going to commit to thinking wealthy?

Or what are your rules of wealth?

Maybe you struggle to find the starting point of your life toward prosperity, wealth, and success. 

If so, leave us a comment below. Because we can help you identify the starting point toward prosperity and holistic wealth within the 7 Wealth Stages

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And I want you to build holistic wealth.

Thanks for reading or watching and I will see you next week. 

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